Hanekom, Brink, Deacon

Frequently asked questions

Where do I start?
How do I find an Individual?

Where do I start?

1) Registered users should log on to get access to additional content.

2) Unregistered family members should register to get access to the aditional content.

3) The "List" option button is the best place to start.

How do I find an Individual?

There are three ways to find a person, described below:

Method 1:

1.1) Action: Use the List button and select Individuals from the drop down list.


1.2) Result: webtrees will displays a list of alhabet letters (corresponding with the fist letter of surname)

1.3) Action: Choose H, if for example we are looking for Aldert HANEKOM

1.4) Result: webtrees displays a list of the surnames starting with the chosen letter (eg H)

Note: Surnames in this system are recorded as "base" and "prefix" eg DE HAAS. Surname listings are done using the base, eg DE HAAS will appear under H rather than D

For technical support or genealogy questions contact Wouter Hanekom.